Bing, You Still Suck

17 May 2012

Every now and again, someone at Microsoft mentions that Bing is at least as good as Google. For example, in an interview with Wired, Harry Shum of Microsoft said that the results were at least as fresh and the quality comparable.

I know that picking a single example out of a vast index isn't particularly fair. Nonetheless, there's something wrong with Bing's result of Karl Seguin.

When you search for my name on Bing, the first result is my old blog on codebetter.com. The second result is my current blog at openmymind.net. Google, on the other hand, gets the right order (and yes, all Google searches were done with the pws=0 to disable personalization).

It might seem insignificant, but consider that my blog on codebetter.com hasn't been touched in almost 2 years. Yet openmymind.net has seen over 140 posts; some quite popular, like my two Little books. The 3rd and 4th links are also swapped, with Bing showing my never-updated LinkedIn profile while Google shows my overly-updated twitter profile.

Despite what Microsoft says, my experience is that Google results are almost always better than Bing, and rarely, if ever, worse.

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